Postcards From Down
By The River:
So we got us here a new-fangled design! Sure to wow and amaze your friends!

"Unreleased" music not on the albums shown can be heard on the Reverbnation player below and my Soundcloud page linked at the right. Fair warning: it's not all finished. Or good. Or serious.


Hey Veracohr, why the website change?
'Cause I can fit it all in one page. Efficiency!
Hey Veracohr, why would I buy a CD when you give the whole thing for free right here?
To relieve CDBaby's warehouse?
Hey Veracohr, you gonna have any new music any time soon?
Maybe. I think I saw some under the couch the other day.
Hey Veracohr, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
37 pounds. I've tested this.
Hey Veracohr, what equipment do you use?
Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Keyboard
Novation BassStation Rack
MOTU Digital Performer
Ableton Live
Native Instruments Massive, Absynth, Pro-53, FM8
Audio Realism ABL2
Sonic Charge μTonic
Universal Audio UAD-2
E-mu Orbit V2
Propellerheads Reason
Roland XP-10
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